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Join the TeamViewer 2021 Back End Rebate Program and start earning even more on your TeamViewer sales. Let us help you maximize your profits selling TeamViewer! 
Starting January 1st , any partner who signs up, will earn a quarterly 5% back-end rebate on New License sales for the given quarter (non-renewals). 

 If you reach $10,000 USD/CAD in sales, we will double your payout to 10% back on that quarters given sales. 

Sign-Up Now

Sign-up here once, and you will be enrolled for the entire 2021 calendar year

For example, if you sign-up by March 31st, we will back-date the qualifying sales to January 1st for Q1 payout calculations.

Payout Structure 

Sales will be back-dated to the first day in the given quarter of sign-up

5% back from dollar one, on all New License Sales (non-renewals).

10% back once $10,000 USD / CAD is achieved. 

Payouts will be quarterly, and based on the total quarterly sales amount.  

Payout threshold will be cumulative for all yearly sales through the given quarter.

Example 1 – Partner ‘A’ sells $6,000 in Q1 and will be paid 5% or $300 in Q1.

In Q2, Partner ‘A’ sells an additional $4,000 (bringing the cumulative to $10,000) – and will be paid 10% on the Q2 portion ($4,000) or $400.

In Q3, Partner ‘A’ has already reached the threshold, and will earn 10% at the end of Q3 on all qualifying sales, and so-forth in Q4. 

Sign-up today and be on your way to earning up to 10% back each quarter*! 

Please reach out with any questions to us at or directly at .

* DMR's Excluded

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